Social Selling 

Bridging the gap between
your leaders and your clients

Personal perspectives are the key to building engagement with clients on social media. We can help you grow your presence on social media, identify opportunities, develop a consistent narrative that aligns with client needs, and measure success along the way.  

Our social selling approach can help you: 

  • Grow awareness, influence, and business, leading to increased growth​ 
  • Network with leaders in and outside your industry, as well as with the media 
  • Differentiate yourself on the most relevant topics across multiple channels​ 
  • Inspire your colleagues and attract talent​ 

Consistent social media presence helps executive land $1M contract

In March 2020, as a direct result of an executive’s blog and social media that we managed and curated, their company signed a contract with a client for nearly $1 million. This executive has become well-known in their industry, specifically around leading-edge technology trends.  

What is social selling?

It is not cold outreach or pitching on social media channels. Social selling is about attracting clients to you through engaging content and conversation starters. It’s about listening to what clients are talking about and responding to opportunities as they arise. It’s about building rapport and reputation. 

We can put together a social selling program that suits your level of comfort, engagement, and experience with social media.

Content Strategy

What to share when? We’ll help you develop an editorial calendar and plan for distribution.


Work with a dedicated writer to turn your blogs and ideas into interesting social media posts.

Graphic Design

We’ll help you grab attention on busy social media channels with optimized imagery.

Social media gives your leaders an opportunity to start and join important conversations that can lead to business growth. Contact us to start your social selling initiative. 

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